Manifestación No Mas Sangre – Tijuana 8 Mayo 2011

The demonstration against Felipe Caldaron’s “War on Drugs” Tijuana – May 8, 2011


About tijuanatrolley

I am a bookseller with about 25 years experience, having taken up the trade after retiring as a trial lawyer. I deal exclusively in books & memorabilia on bullfighting. I am sole proprietor of my shop in Playas de Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. I am also the list owner for The Bibliophile Mailing List, an email discussion list of book dealers, collectors, librarians, & others interested in the book trade. My unfulfilled ambitions are first, to play violin with such artistry as to make a Spanish Gypsy cry and second, to survive with grace in the arena with a full grown toro bravo.
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One Response to Manifestación No Mas Sangre – Tijuana 8 Mayo 2011

  1. The only way to end the violence that Mexico is living is by legalizing drugs, and demanding a respect to this country’s sovereignty. The US government has imposed this war on us, we reject it, as well as any involvement in our country’s internal affairs. Fuera Calderon Asesino!
    Alto a la Militarización!
    Fuera agentes estadounidenses!


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