El asesinato de Rio Alamar – the murder of Rio Alamar

Estaba Rio Alamar, libre y natural, el ultimo lugar natural en Tijuana. Estaba tambien una colonia obrera. Ahora es como ve. Va a estar una autopista y drenage de concreto. Ya esta’ llegando el progresso en Rio Alamar.

This was Rio Alamar, free and natural, the last natural place in Tijuana. It was also a working class neighborhood. Now it is as you see. It is to become a freeway and concrete sewer. Progress has come to Rio Alamar.


About tijuanatrolley

I am a bookseller with about 25 years experience, having taken up the trade after retiring as a trial lawyer. I deal exclusively in books & memorabilia on bullfighting. I am sole proprietor of my shop in Playas de Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. I am also the list owner for The Bibliophile Mailing List, an email discussion list of book dealers, collectors, librarians, & others interested in the book trade. My unfulfilled ambitions are first, to play violin with such artistry as to make a Spanish Gypsy cry and second, to survive with grace in the arena with a full grown toro bravo.
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